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      Spot supply service

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      1. with a global supply network and years of experience in the market, the electronics can provide the most accurate stock information, including manufacturers, materials, production date, price, encoding RoHS standards, packaging information and the date of arrival.
      2. strict supplier audit mechanism and purchase QC inspection, accompanied by ISO9001:2000 international certification of quality control process standards, the electronic help customers strictly control the quality of each batch of goods.
      3. of the world's "-24 hours" 7 days of service, the electron can in the shortest possible time for customers to obtain the market the most marketable goods; by FEDEX/UPS/DHL and other international express company transportation services to ensure accurate and timely transport quality.
      4. as the world's leading EMS manufacturers preferred partners, the electron can include CPU, memory, integrated circuit, passive devices and connectors and other products market information, cooperate with the marketing team of professional and technical support, we can provide a rise in market supply shortage and price, quickly, batch purchase tight goods delivery service.